FIERCE FRIDAY FEATURE | Louisiana Empowerment and Boudoir Photography

Ms J



 “Perfectly imperfect.That is my goal and I'm very close. Part of the reason I booked a shoot with Amy is because I am at a point in my life where I am learning to love myself no matter what. I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for years, but it was always "when I lose the weight, then I'll book it".I've never been what you would consider a "small" woman, even when I was in the best shape of my life.I've spent many years not liking myself and I could write a book on that alone. But I decided to go ahead and dive in and celebrate me, right now, exactly how I am. I have a daughter that is almost in her teen years and I want her to know that her mom loves herself no matter what and I'm hoping that translates to her to continue loving herself.When I scheduled my shoot, my biggest fear was being judged, another subject that would no doubt take up a few chapters in my journey to self love novel. But Christian and Amy were nothing short of amazing. From the first step I took into the studio to the moment I left, I felt nothing but beautiful.And when a woman feels beautiful, she becomes fierce!! I cried at first glance when my hair and make up was complete. Christian is a magician y'all. She just IS! Then came time for my shoot. I anticipated that I would keep myself completely covered at all time, but Amy just has this way about her. She celebrates women in all shapes and sizes and her work shows it. It's hard to pick a favorite part of my shoot, so I'll pick 2. My hair and make up is definitely one (I didn't take it off until 11:00 that night) and some of you may know this one "close your eyes, exhale and look at me".....FIERCE!!!!! That is how I felt during the whole shoot, simply fierce!! And that is all thanks to Amy and Christian as well. It's a feeling that almost can't be put into words and every woman should experience at least once in their life.I plan on doing another shoot when I'm done working on my body and I'm where I want to be. If you've even thought about doing a boudoir shoot, my advice is...dive in, celebrate YOU.I promise you, you won't regret it.”

Much love, perfectly imperfect

Thank you so much Ms J - much love to you!


FIERCE FRIDAY FEATURE | Louisiana Empowerment and Boudoir Photography

Mr J


“I started out wanting to do a Boudoir shoot for my wedding as a surprise from my soon to be husband. I was incredibly surprised how it turned into something different.I am and have always been pro-woman. As woman, we have to face each day with society, the media, and honestly, people we see everyday judging us silently or out loud.Why do we allow that to happen? Why don't we support each other? As a woman who experiences that judged feeling frequently, I want to uplift others so that we spread positivity and confidence in each other. Why add to the huge population of women hating on women. Even if you only make a difference in one person, that should be enough. Amy is spreading joy, self-confidence, and positivity with every shoot.I never felt uncomfortable or self-conscious throughout my whole shoot.I loved my photos too! I feel like I look much sexier than I really am...but there I am in those pictures! What an amazing experience, I just want to do it again. Thank you Amy for being so professional, warm and fun!”

Thank you, Ms J. I absolutely love you and your images.



FIERCE FRIDAY FEATURE | Louisiana Boudoir and Empowerment Photography

Ms. S

“At some point in my life I was very thin. Ironically it was at that point that I found more flaws than you can imagine. I was sure that I was just not thin enough. Over the years I have been a size 5 all the way to a size 22 and everywhere in between. On August 24th 2018 I was somewhere between a size 16 and 18. On this day I felt free, beautiful, relaxed, excited the range of emotions swept over me. My size no longer mattered. I somehow knew that my beauty wasn't in the size of my clothes but in the depths of my soul. Christian was so captivating, she drew me in and helped me to just relax. We laughed and talked while she transformed me. I just let her use me as her canvas and she painted a beautiful story. the first thing I noticed as Amy entered the room was the feeling that this was all going to be worth it. It was. I hear women say "when I lose some weight, I will do it." Why wait? Society tells us we have to look a certain way to be beautiful or sexy. Society is wrong. I am perfectly imperfect. This is something that every woman should experience. Thank you Amy and Christian, I had a wonderful time.”

Thank you Ms. S. You are AMAZING!