FIERCE FRIDAY FEATURE | Louisiana Boudoir and Empowerment Photography

Ms. S

“At some point in my life I was very thin. Ironically it was at that point that I found more flaws than you can imagine. I was sure that I was just not thin enough. Over the years I have been a size 5 all the way to a size 22 and everywhere in between. On August 24th 2018 I was somewhere between a size 16 and 18. On this day I felt free, beautiful, relaxed, excited the range of emotions swept over me. My size no longer mattered. I somehow knew that my beauty wasn't in the size of my clothes but in the depths of my soul. Christian was so captivating, she drew me in and helped me to just relax. We laughed and talked while she transformed me. I just let her use me as her canvas and she painted a beautiful story. the first thing I noticed as Amy entered the room was the feeling that this was all going to be worth it. It was. I hear women say "when I lose some weight, I will do it." Why wait? Society tells us we have to look a certain way to be beautiful or sexy. Society is wrong. I am perfectly imperfect. This is something that every woman should experience. Thank you Amy and Christian, I had a wonderful time.”

Thank you Ms. S. You are AMAZING!

FIERCE FRIDAY FEATURE! - Louisiana Boudoir Photography




  • How I felt before, during and after my session:

    Before the session I was nervous, but I definitely became more comfortable during hair and makeup. It was like sitting and chatting with an old friend. When Amy arrived and we began the session we looked at the outfits and talked about which ones we would use, and she seemed just as genuinely excited as I was about the outfits, photos, and process.
    Amy makes you feel so pretty and beautiful and gives great direction, especially to someone who can barely tell left from right. After my session I felt special and beautiful. It was a wonderful experience.

  • My favorite part of the experience:

    My favorite part of the experience was definitely the way I felt afterwards - beautiful and glamorous.

  • My comfort level with Amy ( please describe it a little!)

    Very comfortable - it was like working with a friend.

  • My hair and makeup experience with Christian:

    It was a great experience. She did an amazing job. She made making me look pretty, easy.

  • How I felt when I saw my images:

    I saw one sneak peek and was blown away.

  • Would I do another session?


  • Would I recommend Boudoir by Amy Peacock to others?